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Wine with fruit Aronia 8% alcohol - 500 ml

Вино с плод Арония с 8% алкохол - 500 мл
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The fruit of Aronia contains five times more polyphenol compounds from grapes.

This makes wine with added fruit Aronia repeatedly healing of wine from grapes.

Our products is a young red wine made from high quality grapes and

Organically grown fruit Aronia.

Drink is unfiltered, without additives and additives!

Special tehnologogiya production has preserved the unique soft tannic flavor and aroma and healing properties of Aronia.

Unique extract the high and low alcohol content contribute to the optimal utilization of all biologically active substances from the body.

This further enhances the curative properties of the drink and has a beneficial rather than harmful effects on the liver.

Made in Kazanlak