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Organic Pine essential oil - ALBA - 10 ml

БИО етерично масло от Бор - АЛБА - 10гр
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100%  ORGANIC  essential  oil  obtained  by  steam
distillation of Pinus Sylvestris.

Ingredients: Pinus Sylvestris Essential Oil, Limonen.
Purpose and uses:Nourishes, deodorizes and tones the skin.
For aromatherapy. For external use, inhalations, use as addition to personal cosmetics or other oil solutions. For bath: put
10-15 drops in the water; Add to your lotion, cream or other
personal  cosmetics  –  not  more  than  2%,  mix  it  with  plastic
or wooden stirrer until you get a homogeneous mixture. Use
according to the directions of the particular product. The oil is
used depending on its particular purpose.
Pure pine oil has an antiallergenic and soothing effect on insect  bites,  burns,  dermatitis,  eczema  and  other  skin  inflammations.

Highlights: Nourishes, deodorizes and tones the skin.
For aromatherapy. Аntiallergenic and soothing effect
on insect bites, burns, dermatitis, eczema and other
skin inflammations. 

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Made in Kazanlak