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Body oil ALBA with Lavender essential oil - 50 ml

Масажно масло АЛБА с Лавандула - 50мл
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Body oil with Lavender essential oil

Ingredients:  Olea  Europaea  Husk  Oil  and  Tocopherol,
Prunus  Amygdalus  Dulcis  Oil,  Prunus  Armeniaca  Kernel  Oil
and  Olus  Oil  /  or  /  Vegetable  Oil,  Triticum  Vulgare  Germ
Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Lavandula officinalis Flower Oil, Linalool, Limonene
Body oil for direct application, for body massage, to be used
in  cosmetic  masks,  instead  of  body  cream,  to  be  used  after
sunbathing, for aromatherapy.
Directions: In order to achieve quick and optimal effect of
the body oil it is recommended to apply it on a clean, slightly
damp  skin.  The  amount  is  as  much  as  the  skin  can  absorb.
Apply  bigger  quantity  when  the  designation  is  massage  or
enriching masque. Oil residues can be easily removed with a
dry cotton swab.

For body massage, to be used in cosmetic
masks, instead of body cream, to be used after
sunbathing, for aromatherapy

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Made in Kazanlak