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  Alba Grups Ltd is a natural cosmetics manufacturer specialized in the production of essential oils, essential Bulgarian rose oil, floral waters and natural cosmetics. It was established in 2009, continuing and expanding the family business started in 1991. In 2012 the company realized its ambitious project for a new rose oil distillery. Alba Grups possesses two more distilleries for the production of other essential oils from chamomile, pine, lavender, Melissa officinalis, Juniper berry.

  The company closed the cycle and in 2012 started the production of natural and organic cosmetics, aromatherapy and SPA products as well as food supplements containing as invariable components our natural bee products, essential oils and our own essential rose oil in the first place as an indispensable ingredient.

  Two species of oil-bearing rose are cultivated in Bulgaria: Rosa Alba and Rosa Damascena. The name Damascena refers to the city of Damascus, Syria, where the rose was grown in the past. In the 13th century the rose was first brought to Turkey and then to Bulgaria and as late as the 17th century it was brought to France. Mild temperate climate, sandy soil and mountain water are the three major factors because of which Rosa Damascena has found the most favorable conditions for cultivation right here in the foothills of the Balkan Mountains, in the Rose Valley, just where the rose fields of our company are located.

  The rose bush grows to 2 meters in height and its root system reaches a depth of 5 meters. Properly cultivated, the oil-bearing rose lives about 25 years. The oil-bearing rose blossoms only once a year for a period of 25 to 30 days and the harvest starts around mid-May. Rose buds are picked entirely by hand by skillful workers. Rose-picking starts at 5 o´clock in the morning and continues till 11 o’clock at the latest. Immediately after finishing picking the rose blossoms are transported to our distillery where their processing begins. The whole amount of roses gathered in the morning must be processed within 12 hours in order to preserve the quality of the rose oil.

  The technology we apply to extract rose oil is called water-steam distillation. In our biggest distillery there are 12 stainless steel cauldrons, wood-coated for better insulation. Each cauldron is loaded with 500 kg of fresh rose blossoms and is filled up with hot water. After the cauldron has been sealed, steam is introduced and in 10 minutes the mixture starts boiling and the distilling process begins. The whole process lasts two and a half hours and the result is rose water with a high concentration of rose oil. This distillate is captured in a Florentine vessel with the help of which at a controlled temperature of 25 degrees Celsius rose oil is separated from rose water and is led/extracted into the storage containers.

  The rose oil and the other essential oils and floral waters produced by Alba Grups Ltd are used in the fields of cosmetics, perfumery, pharmacy and others. The company started the production of natural and organic cosmetics including its own essential oils and floral waters into the composition of high-quality final products which guarantee the consumers aroma delight, the pleasure of applying them and positive effect.


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